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Those in Orange, TX often travel to the Beaumont, Texas legal office of Jason Nicks for consultations and legal assistance. Jason is an experienced attorney with more than a decade of experience serving people in Orange, Beaumont, and the surrounding area. Below are some of the areas of legal expertise Jason has shown skills in.


Criminal Defense


DUI attorneys, sexual harassment lawyers, or domestic violence lawyer options exist in and around Orange, TX. When you are faced with serious criminal charges you need a serious criminal defense lawyer’s advice. Jason provides no-obligation free consultations and can review your case so that you and he can determine if his representation is a good legal fit based on your needs, the evidence, and the circumstances around your case. Whether you’re faced with domestic assault charges, are in need of a drug crime lawyer, or are reviewing options for DUI attorneys, or another criminal defense area, consider a meeting with Jason Nicks before deciding on which lawyer will best defend you.


Personal Injury


Personal injury law in Texas requires following thorough steps to gather evidence to prove negligence and show the outcome it has had on your life, your ability to work, and your overall lifestyle. Jason Nicks has an excellent track record of successful outcomes with personal injury cases and is willing to review the particulars of your case. The sooner you get legal representation in a personal injury case the better. Call a knowledgeable personal injury attorney today.


Family Law Expertise


Family law can be a frustrating and difficult labyrinth to navigate. The right legal representation can make all the difference. Talk to Jason Nicks about your case. He can help with many areas, including:


• Child or spousal support

• Child adoption

• Divorce

• And more…


Book a no-obligation consultation with a family law lawyer to find out about rights, responsibilities, and family law in Orange, Texas.


Hire the Right Texas Criminal Law Attorney:


Whether you are facing charges or are interested in bringing charges against someone, Jason Nicks is a Texas lawyer who would be pleased to offer you a free legal consultation at our nearby Beaumont, TX law office. Call now.

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