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Jason Nicks, Beaumont, TX attorney, is taking on new clients and can help with a variety of areas. He has a deep level of knowledge in Texas law in a variety of areas, more than a decade of experience practicing law, and your initial consultation is free and payment plans can be arranged in many cases.


Hire the Right Texas Criminal Law Attorney:


Are you facing charges? Reviewing options for DUI attorneys, a drug crime lawyer, or do you need representation against domestic assault? Jason Nicks has vast expertise across sexual harassment law, drug and alcohol-related crimes, and other areas of criminal defense.


Not all domestic violence lawyers, DWI attorneys, or criminal defense attorneys are equal. You owe it to yourself to speak with at least a few legal professionals to maximize your chances of choosing the right lawyer and improving your chances for a successful legal outcome.  


A Personal Injury Attorney


Have you been hurt in an accident at work, in a vehicle collision, or due to negligence of another party? You need to take a methodical approach in presenting your case to the court and Jason Nicks can help. Make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation in his Beaumont, Texas law office as soon as possible after an accident so that you have a greater chance of being able to move forward with the right paperwork and evidence to present your case before the courts.


Get Help with Divorce, Child Support, and Adoption


Divorce lawyers battle it out to help their client get a favorable outcome with respect to child or spousal support, division of assets, custody, and more.  You need a lawyer with a solid background and track record. Jason Nicks has an excellent track record with family law. Whether it’s child adoption, lawyer services for division of assets or child custody, or another element of family law, he would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your legal questions.


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